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    Intelligent support for your everyday life and business.
    What is the concert today in Munich?

    I need someone to mow my lawn.

    Ask my friends if anyone wants to go to the movies.

    I need milk from the farmer, they deliver me at 17:00 a.m.

    Offer my bike for sale.

    How can I digitize my business?

    Find projects in Hamburg that need my skills.

    Find companies that are looking for a commercial employee.

  • Knowledge on Demand
    To news, topics, events and discussions with the community.
    What's new about politics in Zurich?

    What's going on in Paris?

    I'm looking for information on global warming.

    What's the matter between Trump and Merkel?

    Why is the banana crooked?

    What does terror mean?

    What is the concert today in Munich?

    Show me discussion on the subject of climate change.

  • Activities for individualists
    To buy, sell or share with friends, family, groups and other users.
    Ask my friends if anyone wants to go to the movies.

    Ask my family if we should barbecue together on Saturday.

    Buy Me 2 tickets for Spiderman in Zurich.

    Offer my bike for sale.

    I'm going to jog today at 8:00 a.m. who goes with?

    I need a new handbag.

    I need milk from the farmer, they deliver me at 17:00 a.m.

    Reconcile an appointment with my car repair shop.

  • Skills on Demand
    If you need skills or want to develop further.
    How do I plant an apple tree?

    How do I create a homepage?

    How can I digitize my business?

    How do I cook a stew?

    How do I treat a headache?

    How do I build a house?

    How do I write letters?

    How do I apply correctly?

  • Work where you're needed
    If you want to contribute your performance to companies or projects.
    Find projects in Hamburg that need my skills.

    Find companies that need my skills in Australia.

    I am available for bike deliveries in Berlin Kreuzberg.

    Find needed services that I am bringing in Düsseldorf.

    Find where I can renovate a room.

    Find projects that need a home page.

    Find companies that are looking for a commercial employee.

    Find services that rely on my skills.

  • Services if you need them
    If you don't want to do it yourself or you can't do it, others will do it for you.
    I need someone to paint my room.

    I need someone to mow my lawn.

    I'm looking for someone who can create business cards.

    I need someone to dress my apartment today.

    I need someone to watch out for my kids tonight.

    I'm looking for someone to set me up my PC.

    I need someone to build my homepage.

    I'm looking for someone to help me with digitalization.

  • Creating values for all of us
    If you want to represent viewpoints and create common values for people.
    Should really a new car park be built in Hamburg Altona?

    Why don't we have referendums?

    Do we want to build a new cycle path in Stuttgart?

    Do we still need diesel vehicles?

    Should we include digital disciplines in school lessons?

    Are others supposed to make money with my data?

    Do we want the politician to have a job?

    Can we put unilateral interests at the heart of negotiations?

The most objective way to a digital change for us Humans.Check out our options and features included.

Toogles AI Multilingual

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This creates one of the most unique incredible popular AI communities for us humans.

Toogles has methods that automatically produce knowledge by establishing contexts. Toogles connects people based on their language and their knowledge to a community that will develop digital end-to-end processes through technology. Toogles forms national counterpole to globalization and this creates direct and local benefits for us humans in the towns and villages of the world.


for education


for opinions


for employment

Soon with Toogles-AI

Our Possibilities

Methods to contribute to the international understanding

We get a variety of opinions by translated content in various languages.

Expand the human horizon with perspectives

We reach a broadening of the horizons by representation of diverse perspectives.

Support the learning of skills with knowledge

We receive simple and multicultural learning processes by compensating for knowledge.

Agile services to secure the efficiency of enterprises

We can reach cost-benefit efficiency only through consolidation of historical structures.

Promote a free opinion-forming with contexts

We achieve objective and free opinion-forming by related content.

Using strategies to promote digital change

Digital change takes people on a journey, so strategies are necessary.

Using skills to generate your own income

We gain employment and flexibility by planning skills in projects.

Build values for all people with the community

We achieve human acceptance by incorporating it in the decision-making process.

Our Targets

Toogles produces relations from content and makes them accessible to all people in form of knowledge.
Toogles creates connections between life and work, thus ensuring a balance in life.
Toogles structured skill + experience and associates them with projects to bring people in employment.
Toogles combines human skills, experience and capacity in pools, which then anyone can provide a performance.
Toogles establishes correlations in the business architecture, and shows on how holistic integrated digital business can recover the cost/benefit ratio.
Toogles shows the relationship between the pros and cons and allows the proactive participation of the community for shared values of all people through local structures.

We are not the only ones who are excited happy about Toogles-AI.

More than 300,000 users in over 150 countries already use Toogles-AI for obtaining information in 14 languages.

Toogles will help shape the digital transformation for us people - by us people.

Knowledge is power. That was our motivation to develop a method which we can expose this power all people of this world. The own objectivity on basis of controversial opinions to develop promotes the right to free opinion-forming and free development of one's personality in tumultuous times like these.

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